Reclaim It - Turquoise Black

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Introducing Reclaim It – the ultimate reclaim catcher you need for your dab rig! Whether you’re a newbie to dabbing or an experienced dabber, you know the importance of having a clean sesh. But now keeping your session smooth has become easier than ever with Reclaim It.

Reclaim It offers 14mm and 19mm adaptors for both bangers and waterpipes, so no matter what glass pieces you use, you can take advantage of this innovative device. Stop wasting time cleaning up after every hit, and start using Reclaim It instead! The silicone reclaim catcher collects any sticky black resin that’s produced from dabbing, giving you better tasting hits over and over again without the hassle.

Don’t let gunked up pieces ruin your sesh– get Reclaim It today and experience smoother recipes than ever before! Grab yours now and get ready to make all your concentrate dreams come true!