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What is a chillum?

A glass chillum, also referred to as a one hitter, is a small straight glass pipe used with dry herbs that do not have a carb. A carb is a small hole on the side of a pipe that can be covered and uncovered with your thumb to control airflow. Since there is no side carb, chillum hits are more robust because it is purely smoke and not mixed with air like traditional hand pipes.


The term one hitter comes from exactly what it sounds like. A one hit glass pipe. Chillums are so small they don't fit much dry herb, so they are a one hitter pipe and that's it.

Discreet and perfect for on the go

The small White Rhino chillum comes with a silicone cap that is great for loading, putting on the cap to go. When you are ready to use the chillum, take the cap off and use it. Since the chillum is so tiny, it is discrete and can fit right in your pocket. Putting the silicone cap on after use can also help keep the smell down.


White Rhino Chillum VS Chillum XL

The difference between the White Rhino Chillum and XL Chillum is the size. The small glass chillum is 12mm x 4.25”, and the XL Chillum is 16mm x 4.25”. The XL Chillum can hold more dry herbs and is thicker compared to the small one hitter. If you looking for a glass pipe that can hold more dry herb, check out out glass blunt slider.