Roach Clip - Grey

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Introducing the alligator clamp roach clip – the clever tool perfect for smoking cigarettes orroll your own type of products with ease, without losing too much of your precious finger skin! Presenting a solution to quickly and conveniently smoking your favorite dry herbs all the way to the last bit, this clamp does it with ease and style.

Sick of burning your fingers? That won’t happen anymore. Well crafted with hard wearing material, this device will grip your smokes firmly in its jaws, allowing you to puff away stress free and give you effortlessly easy intake of smoke. Enjoy every last drop of your dry herb by using this creative gadget. Ideal for anyone who loves a good puff but wants a different kind of experience, our alligator clamp offers convenience at its finest.

So don’t burn yourself up over forgetting that pesky clip - grab an alligator clamp and never let go! Get creative while enjoying your delightful smoking experience, worry free from flame ended fingers!