Reclaim It Glow In The Dark - Green White

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Reclaim it is an amazing glow in the dark silicone reclaim catcher to use be with bangers and waterpipes. With two adaptors for your convenience, you can attach this incredible device to either a 14mm or 19mm banger. Now, whenever you want to enjoy the flavor of your favorite dabs, reclaiming them has never been easier!

Don’t know what a reclaimer is? Let us tell you - it’s the perfect accessory for any dab rig or waterpipe that makes sure none of your left-over reclaim is wasted. Instead, the heat-resistant, silicone Reclaim It Glow In The Dark will store up whatever reclaim comes out of your quartz banger and keep everything nice and clean. So now you can have uninterrupted flavor and top-quality smoke all night long!

Plus, did we mention it glows in the dark?! That’s right - as soon as you turn off the lights, you’ll get an eerie glow coming from this marvel of modern technology. Why settle for boring old “mass produced" when you can do something so unique? Don’t let anyone else get their hands on this product before you – unleash your wild side and make sure they never forget who’s boss!