Glass Diamond Spinner Carb Cap

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Create an extravagant dabbing experience with this unique glass diamond spinner carb cap! Diamonds are a dabber’s best friend with this luxurious and intricately crafted accessory.

This gorgeous new innovation not only looks great, but it functions even better — the spinning air within the banger creates a vortex-like motion that spins terp pearls and balancers the temperature of your concentrates. Enjoy optimal flavor and vapor production wherever you go! Crafted with the highest quality and attention to detail, no more looking for another carb cap when you own this one of-a-kind piece. Everyone will be envious of your glass diamond spinner cap.

Add some sparkle to your style and if you’re feeling extra bold, match it up with some terp pearls for a dabbing combo that is sure to impress all your friends — not to mention, increase the intensity of your wax visual production! Quite simply, there's no other carb cap like it on the market today.