Etna Replacement Concentrate Straw with Titanium Tip

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Take your vaping game to the next level with the Etna Replacement Concentrate Straw featuring a titanium tip, a true game-changer for concentrate enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and innovation, the titanium tip stands as the key feature of this accessory, ensuring rapid and efficient heat transfer for the perfect dabbing experience. Designed to perfectly complement Etna's induction heating technology, this replacement straw eliminates the need for a torch, offering a safer and more convenient way to enjoy your concentrates. Simply insert the straw into your device, and let the induction heating do the rest, delivering smooth and flavorful vapor with every hit. Upgrade your vaping setup today with the Etna Replacement Concentrate Straw with titanium tip and indulge in a seamless and satisfying dabbing session like never before.

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