Carb-It 3 In 1 Carb Cap Glow In The Dark - Blue White

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Introducing Carb-It, the revolutionary 3-in-1 carb cap that sets a higher standard for dabbing! Gone are the days of fumbling between multiple caps to get your perfect hit. With this high quality silicone carb cap, you can now spin, bubble and direct with ease.

Spin away impurities using the spinner design when combining your terp pearls for a cleaner burn. When taking bigger hits that require more control, simply switch to the directional feature for more focused air flow straight to your banger! For those more traditional sessions with friends, go ahead and use the bubble feature to evenly disperse heat and get perfect results each time. Really, you don’t need three separate carb caps – just one Carb-It pull out all the stops!

Lit up when lit black lights, Carb-It is sure to turn heads at parties or gatherings. It's strong enough to hold up against drops and falls on hard surfaces - because trust us, you'll want it right by your side every single dab session! Upgrade your dab game today with Carb-It – clean concentrates have never been easier.

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