45 Degree 14MM Female Quartz Banger 4MM Thick Glass

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Introducing the 45 Degree 14MM Female Quartz Banger 4MM Thick Glass. If you want to get the biggest, most thrilling hits from your water pipe or rig, we've got just the thing for you! Our Quartz Bangers are made with superior materials to give you an unbeatable vaping or dabbing experience every time. Unlike glass bangers that can break after being exposed to elevated temperatures multiple times, a Quartz Banger will always withstand high heat and offer smooth and clean flavor each and every hit. Plus, coming in at 4mm thick, this banger is just what you need for long-lasting durability. Now that's power! Don't settle for a subpar dab; get your hands on our quartz banger today and enjoy hits filled with powerful flavor like never before!