Handpipe To Straw Glow In The Dark - Blue White

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Are you looking for a reliable yet unique way to enjoy your dry herbs and concentrates? Look no further than our Handpipe to Straw Glow in the Dark! This two-in-one product offers unparalleled convenience, portability, and versatility. To use, simply remove the lid off the glass bowl and begin enjoying your favorite dry herbs –all while utilizing a carb conveniently built right in. For concentrates, remove the glass piece and rotate it before putting it back into the silicone body for easy nectar collector use. Plus, after you’re done using each component, they can all tuck neatly back inside of the silicone body for optimal portability – making this one of a kind product ideal for home or on-the-go entertainment. Glow in the dark accents guarantee an enjoyable and captivating smoking experience every time! Don't miss out on this revolutionary device; get yours today and level up your smoking experience with our Handpipe to Straw Glow in the Dark!