Pop Top Waterpipe Adaptor - Black Grey

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Need a fun, portable way to smoke anywhere? Look no further than White Rhino's Pop Top Waterpipe! We've crafted a high-quality piece for smokers on the go with quality silicone and glass-on-glass components.

Simply attach the Pop Top adapter to your standard 12oz can; the tight seal keeps the airtight. Now you’re ready to party! The Pop Top Waterpipe is an easy and affordable choice for those who seek convenience and quality. You don't need any special supplies or expensive contraptions; just pop, pour in your favorite herb, light up, and enjoy a unique smoking session wherever you go! Plus, at such an affordable price, what’s not to love?

Be sure to pick up your very own White Rhino Pop Top Waterpipe today. Simple yet effective – it’s guaranteed to make your head spin!

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