Reclaim It Glow In The Dark - Grey White

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Introducing the Reclaim It Glow In The Dark – the reclaim catcher that’s perfect for all your dabbing needs. Keep your rig and water pipe clean, while experiencing a more enjoyable dab with our industry-leading product. Our reclaim catcher offers 14mm and 19mm adaptors for both water pipes and bangers that allow you to enjoy your favorite waxes without having to worry about dealing with any sticky residue afterwards. Plus, you can take it to the next level by letting it glow in different colors for an added touch of fun and convenience. The strong, durable silicone does its job of catching left over reclaim quickly so there is no mess or unnecessary hassle for you afterward. And thanks to its easy-to-clean design, everything stays looking fresh between dabs. Enjoy cooler, smoother hits with every session when you trust our superior Reclaim It Glow in the Dark reclaim catcher!

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