The Liquid family welcomes the new Liquid Mini personal vaporizer. This stylish little vape has a slimmer tank and battery compared to the original liquid vaporizer yet produces the same amount of vapor. Liquid Mini is a mixture of cartridge style electronic cigarettes and tank style electronic cigarettes. It has the feel and thinner body of cartridge style e cigs, yet is equipped with a liquid tank system. Liquid Mini tank can hold approximately 1.0 ml of your favorite eJuice. Available in 10 vibrant colors White Rhino Liquid Mini is sure to not disappoint. 

Each starter kit has 1-Liquid Mini Battery 1-USB Charger 1Tank

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Liquid Travel Pack

Also available is the Liquid Travel Pack. Each travel pack comes with 1-Travel Kit 1-Liquid Battery 1-USB Charger 1-Wall Charger 1-Lanyard 1-User Manual. All the contents fit nicely in the travel pouch and is perfect on the go. 

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October 14, 2013 by White Rhino


William Thornton

William Thornton said:

Impossible to talk to someone in your customer service dept. Help!

white rhino

white rhino said:

hello William our business hours are 10 a.m. To 6 p.m. Mountain Standard time you can email us at


Arturo said:

Hello im having little problem the vape is hitting really harsh I can barley inhale why is that?


faith said:

Hello. Why does my vape tip blink 10 times every time I press the button. I cant even lock it or unlock it or use it. please help

monica jefferson

monica jefferson said:

Want to purchase mini tanks

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