Dube 2 Vaporizer

The all new Dube 2 Vaporizer has been upgraded from its previous predecessor. With an improved mouthpiece for better air flow Dube 2 is now capable of all the elements. Herbs, Waxy Oils and now Liquids.
Each starter kit will include 
1 USB Charger                        1 Dube Battery 1 Wall Charger
2 Herb/Waxy Oil Cartirdges    1 Packing Tool 1 Liquid Tank
1 Cleaning Brush                    1 Tweezers
Expected Date Mid January 2014
Also introducing is the all new Dube XS (xtra small) personal vaporizer. The Dube XS has a smaller battery for better discreetness. Now Dube XS is available in 8 colors, Black, Green, Gray, Orange, Blue, Pink, Red and Purple. Dube XS is perfect for waxy oils and herbs.
Expected Date October 23 2013
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