Glass Chillum

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Experience a new way to enjoy your dry herbs with the White Rhino Glass Chillum. Our glass chillum is designed to give you an intense smoking experience that is definitely one-of-a-kind. Unlike traditional pipes, chillums are the perfect device to take on the go; with its small size and silicone cap, you can easily load and go — no mess or hassle!

The White Rhino Glass Chillum is easy to use. If you’re new to one hitters, here’s what you need to do: simply remove the silicone cap, load the bowl up with finely grinded dry herbs — not too much! — and then light it up. Enjoy smooth and clean smoke right away since chillums don’t have carb caps. And don’t worry about being weighed down by heavyweight glass pieces - this durable but lightweight design makes enjoying your favorite dry herbal blends easier than ever before!

So get ready for a truly unique smoking experience with the White Rhino Glass Chillum–better flavor and cleaner hits are waiting for you!

glass chillum