Diffuser Beads With Strain And Storage Bag

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White Rhino Diffuser Beads are small beads that go into a water pipe. Diffuser beads have many functions besides looking cool. Diffuser beads act as a percolator as they help break up the smoke for smoother hits. They also can help keep your water pipe clean and they scrap the inside of the water pipe helping to scraping any residue. Since diffuser beads are submerged in water, they never get hot.

To use simply pour the White Rhino diffuser beads into a waterpipe from the top, while the downstem and bowl are on. Then fill with water and use. Once you are done, the unique strain and store bag allows for users to pour the beads directly from the waterpipe into the strainer bag allowing the water pipe water to flow through the bag into a sink. Next run clean water through the the strainer bag and the diffuser beads are ready for storage. Available in five colors.