Spinner Carb Cap

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Introducing the revolutionary new Glass Spinner Carb Cap! Featuring a unique design, this handy tool takes your dabbing setup to the next level. The Glass Spinner Carb Cap is the perfect companion for all bangers, forcing air in a vortex-like motion and allowing you to spin terp pearls quickly and easily inside!

Experience smoother and cooler hits than ever with our one-of-a-kind glass spinner cap. This functionality reduces scorching, meaning your terps taste purer for longer. Plus, it increases flavor buildup in both shallow and deep dabs—it's simply too good to pass up.

Thanks to its unique shape and size, our glass spinner dab cap will fit most bangers on the market—giving you easier access than ever before.

Take your dabbin game even further with our innovative Glass Spinner Dab Cap! With this functional piece ready to accompany all your favorite banger setups, there’s no limit to how much flavor enjoyment you can get. Experience superior dabbing performance and start spinning those terp pearls today!

Banger not included

glass spinner carb cap