Handpipe To Straw Original - Black Grey

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Introducing the Handpipe To Straw: the ultimate glass smoking experience! Get two smoking functions in one revolutionary product. Whether you're a fan of dry herbs or concentrate dabs, this ingenious handpipe has you covered. With its durable silicone body and sophisticated glass bowl design, it gives you versatility and sophistication all in one device.

At first glance, it could just be mistaken for an ordinary pipe—but don't let the look fool you! Simply unscrew the glass bowl from its silicone base to reveal a dab straw that can create up to twice as many hits with your favorite waxes and concentrates. The addition of a carb on each bowl makes pulls even smoother than ever before.

If that isn't enough, there's an airtight silicone container tucked away at the bottom of the device that stores your wax concentrate for ease use anytime you please. When you're done using it, simply tuck it away inside its protective silicone cover, so it won't get scratched or dust-covered while not in use—the perfect choice for any busy smoker on the go!

Experience unparalleled efficiency in your smoking habits with Handpipe To Straw today! Get maximum portability without compromising performance--all without having multiple devices to toggle between different methods of smoking. Make your indulgences easier with Handpipe To Straw!

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