The Quartz Nectar Collector V4

If you’re in the market for a new nectar collector, you’ve probably heard about the Quartz V4 Glass Nectar Collector. This dab straw is made with quartz, which makes it durable and retains heat longer. It also comes with a silicone cap to keep the tip clean when not in use. But how do you actually use this handy tool? We’ve got all the tips on how you can become an expert dab straw user.

The Basics of Dabbing
Dabbing is the process of vaping concentrates. Heat up your quartz tip until it reaches your desired temperature (this varies depending on what kind of concentrate you are using). 

Now it's time to get dabbing! Place the heated tip of your nectar collector into your concentrate and slowly inhale through the mouthpiece as you move the collector around in a circular motion. This should give you big hits full of flavor and powerful effects! Be sure to clean any leftover residue off the tip after each session; if left uncleaned, residue can build up and block air flow or cause clogging.

Using Your Quartz V4 Glass Nectar Collector Responsibly
As with any other form of cannabis consumption, moderation is key when using your Quartz V4 Glass Nectar Collector. Start off slow—you don't want to overdo it! The effects from concentrates tend to be more intense than flower due to their higher potency levels, so start small and work your way up if needed. And always remember to clean off any residue left behind after each session; this will help ensure that your Quartz V4 Glass Nectar Collector stays in great shape for many years to come!
 We know that once you get started using your Quartz V4 Glass Nectar Collector, you won't look back! With its durable quartz tip and convenient silicone cap, this dab straw makes hitting waxes easier than ever before. Just make sure to practice responsible dabbing habits while enjoying all that this tool has to offer! Good luck and happy dabbing!