E Juice -The Revolutionary New way to smoke



E-Juice is flavored liquid nicotine that is used with a vaporizer as substitute for traditional cigarettes. It is heated by the e cig's atomizer which is vaporized and then inhaled by the user. E-Juice can come in many flavors and different nicotine strengths. It is becoming so popular around the world because people are using this new way of smoking as a substitute for traditional cigarettes. No more tar, carcinogens or other harmful substances that are found in cigarettes. No more yellow teeth,stinky odor and second hand smoke.
The difference between e juice vaporizers and regular electronic cigarettes is that with e juice you can mix flavors together to create a unique blend. With over hundreds flavors on the market, it can be fun coming up with your own concoction. While as regular electronic cigarettes you can only replace with a new flavor cartridge. Also with regular e cigs, the cartridge does not use liquid as vaporizers do. The cartridge uses a cotton swab that is soaked in juice then put inside the cartridge. So over time you go buy a replacement cartridge and all juice could have been evaporated from sitting on the shelf. With e juice you can actually see if its full or not. I have used both types of electronic cigarettes and they both have there pros and cons. I think that traditional e cigarettes have more of a realistic feel then using vaporizers with e juice. But other then that I think the e juice is a lot better way to go. You get more taste and flavor and the juice is cheaper and lasts a long time. I use to smoke newport and loved the menthol flavor. I started out with 18 Mg menthol and just made my way down to 0 Mg menthol. I still get the flavor I love and smoke is thick and rich even at 0 Mg.
The E Juice base can either be made with propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). Its really a matter of testing and see what type of base you like more. I have heard that VG is a little more smoother and heavier in the sense of thickness of vapor when inhaling and exhaling. So really its up to you to find what alternative is better for you when it comes to smoking.
Give liquid e juice a try and you will see why it is gaining so much popularity with nicotine enthusiasts around the world.