Glass Dome Replacement

White Rhinos Dome Vaporizer is a big seller it was only right to not only sell but also upgrade the replaceable Dome atomizer kits. Glass can be a little harder to take care of compared to the average plastic tanks. For that reason White Rhino has put together a Glass Dome Replacement kit that has all the features all that you'll need including a DRY HERB COIL making your dome vaporizer not only a Waxy Oil vape but a Dry Herb Vaporizer as well.

1-Glass Dome 1-Atomizer Attachment 1-Dry Herb Coil 1- Single Coil Bowl 1- Dual Coil Bowl 1- Packing Tool

The Dome Attachment is compatible with DV2Vaporizer, All Liquid Vaporizers, trifecta vaporizer and Dome vape pen. Order the dome vaporizer replacement atomizer you need for your portable vaporizer today!

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