Why Is shipping so expensive?

Let's face it, the vaping industry does not have the best reputation. Law makers and individuals make claims that companies are advertising toward kids and minors. To be able to purchase e juice or any type of vaporizer in a store you need to be the legal smoking age in your state. That should not be any different purchasing online. That is why with all White Rhino orders we require adult signature. The problem with adult signature is due to alcohol sales online, adult signature requires someone over the age of 21+ to sign for the package.

We get it, if you are buying a $8.99 bottle of our ejuice and you get to checkout and shipping cost more then the product at $10.00, you don't want it. Adult signature costs twice as much and regular standard shipping. We just want to make sure all White Rhino Products stay out of hands of minors. 

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