The Flip Chillum To Straw By White Rhino

March 10, 2020

flip chillum to straw by white rhino

The Flip by White Rhino is a first of it’s kind to the smoking industry. The Flip can turn into a chillum for dry herbs or into a dab straw for concentrates. The Flip Tip is a unique Patent Pending glass tip that only works with the Flip silicone tube. Special grooves on the inside of the silicone tube allow for the perfect insert for either the chillum or straw end. The glass tip is made out of high-quality Pyrex glass and is 2" tall.

Flip Chillum to Straw by White Rhino

When the glass tip is flipped to the straw end it fits perfectly inside the silicone tube for a secure fit. When the straw end is inserted the flip stands 5.25" tall. When the glass tip is flipped to the chillum end it fits perfectly inside the silicone tube for a secure fit. When the chillum end is inserted the flip stands 4.75" tall.

flip chillum to straw glass tip

The Flip Chillum To Straw display holds all sevens colors and seven of each color for a 49 count display. The display is simple yet clean for store countertops and POP displays. 

Beware of counterfeit Flips on the market. There are a lot of counterfeit copycat Flip Chillum To Straw products on the market that are just not to the quality standard. Just know when you buy from White Rhino you are getting real quality products.

fake flip chillum to straw

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