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W Pen


The W Pen is the perfect vape pen for waxy oils. Starter Kits Includes: 1-W Pen Battery 1-W Atomizer 1-USB Charger 1-Wall Charger.

All the components below the W Pen Vaporizer is compatible with

Q.How long should I charge my W Pen vaporizer for?
A. Charge time for the W Pen should be no longer then 2 hours.
Q.Is the W Pen really compatible with all the liquid tanks?
A. Yes W Pen can be used with the liquid tanks such as L2 tanks, double tanks and color tanks. The only thing is that some of the tanks will not be flush with the battery.
Q. What type of battery is the W Pen?
A. 650 MAH
Q. How hot does the wax cartridge get?
A. The Wax cartridge can get anywhere from 356-392 degrees Fahrenheit

Q. Do you have to replace the cartridge/atomizer?

A. Yes the cartridge does have to be replaced over time.

Q. How long should the cartridge/atomizer last? 

A. The cartridge/atomizer can last days to weeks depending on how much it is used. 

Q. What should I do if I am having battery or cartridge problems?

A. You can call us at 855.803.8883, live chat in the bottom right corner or send an email to

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White Rhino W Pen Vaporizer has a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.  The warranty covers the battery only.

Note: Due the hygienic nature of the products the warranty does not cover heating cartridges, Must have proof of purchase

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