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Liquid Mini Vaporizer


Liquid Mini Vaporizer Cigarettes have a thinner battery and tank but are just as strong as the original liquid vaporizer. Liquid Mini can hold approximately 1.0 ML of liquid.
Each oil vape pen starter kit includes: 1-Liquid Mini Battery 1-Liquid Mini Tank 1-USB Charger 

Buy electronic cigarettes and accessories from White Rhino! All the components below the Liquid Mini Vaporizer is compatible with


Q. Is the Dube cartridge really compatible with the Liquid Mini? 

A. Yes the Dube cartridge will work with the liquid mini battery

Q. How many ml can the liquid mini hold?

A. Liquid mini can hold approx 1.0 ml of e juice.

Q. How long should does it take to charge the Liquid Mini?

A. 1.5 hours 

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White Rhino Liquid Mini Vaporizer has a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.  The warranty covers the battery only. Note: Due the hygienic nature of the products the warranty does not cover heating cartridges, Must have proof of purchase


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