Gold Dube 2 Vaporizer

$109.99 $124.99


Let's load a Dube man! With White Rhino Dube personal vaporizer,

you don't need to roll a Dube. You just need to load your Dube personal

vaporizer and your ready to vape. Dube is the size of your regular electronic

cigarette and even more powerful. Small, Sexy and Discrete, Dube was

designed to look and feel like a regular e cigarette so you can vape anywhere.

Dube is your small 2-3 hit type of vaporizer.


Each starter kit includes
1 - Wall Charger
1 - Cleaning Brush
1 - Battery
4 - Herb/Waxy Oil Cartridge

1-Gold Digger tool

1-Liquid Tank
1 - Tweezer
1 - USB Cable
1 - User Manual


All the components below the Dube Vaporizer is compatible with


Q.What is the difference between Dube and the Dube XS?

A. The only difference is the battery size and voltage. Dube is a 280 MAH and XS is a 180 MAH

Q. How long does it take the cartridge to heat up and what is the temperature it reaches?

A. The cartridge take 3-4 seconds to heat up and get gets 180-200 C

Q. How long should I charge the battery for?

A. 1.5 hours

Q. How big is the cartridge? How many hits should I get before reloading?

A. The Dube cartridge is your small little 2-3 hits before loading. Its for stealth not size

Q. Do you have to replace the cartridge/atomizer?

A. Yes the cartridge does have to be replaced over time.

Q. How long should the cartridge/atomizer last? 

A. The cartridge/atomizer can last days to weeks depending on how much it is used. 

Q. What should I do if I am having battery or cartridge problems?

A. You can call us at 855.803.8883, live chat in the bottom right corner or send an email to


Dube Manual



White Rhino Dube Vaporizer has a 180 day warranty from date of purchase.  The warranty covers battery.

Note: Due the hygienic nature of the products the warranty does not cover heating cartridges, Must have proof of purchase



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